Eleven: Stranger Things Halloween Costume

The Netflix series Stranger Things is what happens when TV looks at me and says “Thank you for almost 3 decades of faithful devotion – here is everything you want in a TV show.” 80’s nostalgia, golden age Steven Spielberg feel, badass kids, science fiction, cool small town cop, a moody emo kid, science fiction, The Clash – literally there isn’t anything I didn’t like about this show. Maybe Stranger Things was TV’s way of apologizing for The Walking Dead becoming unwatchable.

Thank you, TV.

The Stranger Things character I adored most was Eleven. The mysterious new kid in town with awesome telekinetic powers. She also loves Eggos, so we actually have something in common.


I put together my costume using some items I already had and a few late night Amazon purchases. The pink collared dress was around $20 and the blue wind breaker  $12 on Amazon. The dress didn’t come with the smocking on the bodice which I decided was a SUPER important detail about an hour before our Halloween party so I sewed the “mock smocking” myself. That’s the thing with costumes of characters who wear “real clothes” – the little things can make a big difference. If you want to create this look yourself but can’t find a pink collared dress you can use any pink dress and add a dickie – it’s a real thing that is a fake collar you wear under a shirt or dress.

I didn’t want to pay $8 for tube socks so I got a pair of my husband’s and drew some (totally janky) stripes with green and yellow marker. My Chuck Taylor’s weren’t true to Eleven’s wardrobe, she wears white sneakers, but I figured they were period appropriate and still had the right feel to them.

Eleven is a little girl who’s been a prisoner of a government test facility her whole life so she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. I used my Maskcara HAC palette to give myself some fierce highlight and contour for a realistic, sullen look. (NOTE: If you’re not familiar with highlight and contour it’s when you draw a new, BETTER face on top of your old face using light and dark makeup.) I gave myself a little bloody nose with some red lip stain and wore a blonde wig. If you’re a boy, just buzz your head.

Don’t forget an empty box of Eggos – It’s a fun detail that fans of the show will LOVE and totally get, plus it doubles as a purse for holding your cell phone, keys and candy.

Happy Halloween!!!




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