Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Shower

Two weeks ago my sister, Katie, and I spent 3 days together thrifting, spray painting and even doing a little macrame all to put together a beautiful bohemian bridal shower for our sister, Liz. The long days and midnight runs to our hometown Wal-Mart were all worth it to celebrate and honor our littlest.

Once we settled on our boho theme our plans came together quickly. I think having a clear vision of the look and feel you want your for party is one of the best ways to save you time and stress while planning. The more specific you can be the better. I learned a trick while working at Anthropologie assisting with displays that I find very helpful: When defining your theme try to put into words both what it is and what it isn’t.

bohemian bridal shower invitation

What it is: natural, light, feminine. What it isn’t: hippie, tie dye, ethnic.

What it is: Free People, Coachella. What it isn’t:  Co-op, Phish concert.

bohemian bridal shower

You may recognize the space from my baby shower post . The room is on the upper floor of Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop in Springville, Utah. The historic building is bursting with charm including the original tin ceiling. The Herb Shop rents the space for parties, classes and other events.

bohemian bridal shower centerpieces

For centerpieces we used flower arrangements and a mis-matched collection of votives, geodes, crystals, plants and drift wood. The vases for our flower arrangements are drinking glasses from Ikea that we spray painted gold. I love how the spray paint gave the glasses a studded look. The votives are from Oriental Trading – they’re affordable and versatile. They’re a great investment if you do a lot of parties. The geodes and crystals were loaned to us.

bohemian centerpieces

We covered each of the tables with white linens. We were able to affordably make lace runners using curtain panels from Ikea. We cut each panel into thirds giving us 6, 19″ wide runners for just over $2 a piece.

These gold framed mirrors (they came with the space) provided the perfect backdrop for our food table. We draped the same material we used for table runners across the top and then added these cool carved wood string lights. Lastly we wired floral arrangements to the corners and center.

bohemian bridals shower

Kate and I thought adding some macrame pieces would be a really cool touch. Literally our only frame of reference for what this would require was our mom saying she used to do it in high school. How hard could it be, right? We definitely underestimated how time consuming macrame can be. After 2 late nights following online tutorials Katie created two amazing pieces including this wall hanging.

bohemian bridal shower decoration

Every great event needs something special and surprising. We thought a “Bridal Throne” would be just the thing to be a fun focal point and make Liz feel extra special. The wicker chair was borrowed from a friend’s porch with a promise to return it in better condition than we found it. We sanded and spray painted it a crisp clean white and created a large floral spray which we wired to the back of the chair as a finishing touch. We hung a thrifted lace tablecloth ($3.99) and moroccan style lanterns for a backdrop and surrounded the throne with lots of potted plants. Can you even believe that gorgeous amethyst? (graciously loaned to us, unfortunately not for keeps.)

bohemian bridal shower flowers

We were able to do ALL the flowers for under $50. How? Costco! 3 of their “premium bouquets” provided enough florals for 5 centerpieces and 6 decorative sprays. This was my first attempt at floral design and I feel like I did alright. The loose, wildflower style we were going for was very forgiving when it came to putting together arrangements.The rich jewel tones of the florals were the perfect accent to our neutral color palette.


The favor we sent our guests home with was these cute potted succulents. Did you know you can buy succulents in bulk from Amazon? Cause yeah, you totally can. They come right to your door for $2 each. A mini terra cotta pot plus more gold + white spray paint and there you have it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

So happy we could shower this dream boat bride-to-be in a way as stylish as she is.


One thought on “Beautiful Bohemian Bridal Shower

  1. I’m in love with the lanterns and string of lights you used. I would hang those around my house just to make me happy every time I saw them. Great info on the succulents, too!!! I want to order some and give them to everyone I know! 😀 Great job on the shower. I’m sure everyone loved it.

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