The coolest dad gift 

Just before Christmas a friend of mine asked if she could hire me for a project. Her father in law had casually been making and selling his homemade hot sauce for a while but with his retirement approaching had decided to devote more time to the business. The bottle labels he was using were basic at best. For Christmas she wanted to gift him a professionally designed logo and branding identity and shiny new labels for his hot sauce. I thought the idea was fab, and when I saw the photo of him she wanted used in the logo I got very excited about the direction this project would go.

Clearly this man is a badass and my friend wanted to convey as much with the logo. She also wanted a modern, but down home feeling. 

I saw the finished product the other day and I love the way they turned out. Seriously, such a cool gift idea. What dad wouldn’t love a professionally made logo, business card, or website for their sweet little side project? 



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