Western Vibes First Birthday Announcement

I’m excited to share with you some of the projects I’ve been working on over the last year. I’m especially excited to share this one with you because not only is this first birthday announcement pretty cute, It features my greatest creation of all time – my little Baby Man.

western style first birthday announcement

I created this first birthday announcement to send to all our family and friends who couldn’t be there to celebrate Aldo’s big day with us. Facebook and Instagram (and all those other apps I’m too old for) are great for helping me feel my loved ones are a part of Aldo growing up, but nothing beats a real life memento showing up in the mailbox.

western style first birthday announcement

Especially when it comes with a cheesy mug like this one.

western style first birthday announcement

I was short on time so I got a little lazy and purchased a graphics pack from Hustle Supply Co. on Creative Market to create the image emblem. The cool font is called Longshore and is also from Hustle Supply Co. The triangle pattern in the background helps add a little Southwest/tribal feeling. And of course I had to put a little buffalo in the corner because I’ve decided it is Aldo’s spirit animal. Strong, stoic, smart and stubborn, just like my little guy. Oh, and huge – yeah, 26 pounds at one year old…


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