Rustic/Modern Baby Nursery

I am so pregnant.

This being baby number one I’ve experienced all sorts of weird things for the first time. First genuine give-it-to-me-now-or-I-might-die craving (Strawberry Pop Tarts). First stranger at the grocery store giving me horrible, unsolicited, misinformed medical advice. First time turning to my side to walk between two parked cars and realizing I’m just as wide turned this direction and shall not pass.  It’s like every day is just bursting with exciting, totally off-putting surprises.

Of course there are good “firsts” too like hearing my little guy hiccup during a sonogram.

It’s taken me a few months, but I’ve finally gathered enough twigs, leaves, and fibers to create a comfy nest for this little baby and I want to share what I’ve come up with.

Rustic baby nursery

I wanted a rustic, masculine feel while still clean and soft.  I chose a neutral palette of gray, dark brown, and cream and accented it with a little navy blue and a mustard yellow. The gorgeous wall color is “Sharkey Gray” by Martha Stewart – it’s very mellow but warm which helped it match beautifully with the brown elements in the room.

Rustic baby nursery

We painted the entire room gray and then came back and painted white horizontal stripes on one of the walls  after it was dry. I really wanted a cool, western (NOT country) piece of art to hang above the crib. I loved the idea of a skull or antlers, even though some of my friends thought that sounded pretty creepy for a baby’s room. I looked all over but couldn’t find the perfect piece. I was completely blown away when my extremely talented friend Harmony Rodriguez surprised me with this painting as a baby shower gift.  I think it’s  just perfect.

Rustic baby nursery

Most of the skull image is actually painted on a piece of burlap which wraps around the canvas. Such a creative idea. The burlap along with the metallic paint add so much dimension to the piece.

Rustic baby nursery

I love the color and texture of this large metal letter – I guess I’ve committed to giving him that “A” name now.

Rustic baby nursery

My big project for the room was  building this pegboard to hang over the dresser.

Rustic baby nursery peg board

Rustic baby nursery peg board

Rustic baby nursery peg board


After finding the perfect metal baskets to fill with diapers, lotion, etc. I filled in the rest of the space with various decorative items. Right now the pegboard it’s definitely more form than function, but as the little guy grows I’m sure it will become a handy storage and organization tool.

Rustic baby nursery

A pair of barn wood crates hung on the wall make for a great place to display books and photographs.

Rustic baby nursery

Mike was heart broken when we discovered that his beloved, extremely comfortable “Grandpa Chair” didn’t fit in our living room. I hope he feels a little better knowing that it’s found a good home in his son’s room. It will be a lovely place to sit and rock the baby – if I can ever get Ruby to give it up.


30 thoughts on “Rustic/Modern Baby Nursery

  1. Natalie your little boy’s nursery is to die for cute! I love the industrial look. I can’t believe you made that nail peg board. You’re incredible. I’m so glad you guys are settled and stable- I have three boys and we still aren’t!! You are so ahead of the game. You will get so much use out of this incredible space.

  2. You created THE perfect blend of baby boy, man… and you! I love it. You have such a good eye for design of every kind. ❤

  3. Love it! I’m starting to use pegboards to create space inside of my closet door for sunglasses, purses and hats. I wanted to stain it to look like wood, but I was told it wouldn’t work. They suggested painting it instead. What color and technique did you use to paint the board?

    • Thanks Jennifer – I love the versatility and organization options of peg board. I actually didn’t paint or stain this piece at all – I bought it at Lowes as is. I noticed that Home Depot only sells the white variety, so if you’ve been buying it from there, maybe try Lowes.

    • Thank you! I found the shelf at Home goods. The shelf’s brackets had pre-drilled holes for mounting. I arranged the shelf so the pre-drilled holes were over holes in the pegboard and just screwed it through the pegboard into the wall. Probably not the most technically secure way to do it, but it’s not holding much weight so it works

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  5. Do the pegboards come in standard sizes or did you have to have them trim it down to the size you wanted? Do you know the dimensions of the peg board you used? I love this and would love to do it in my nursery! 🙂

    • Hi Jamie! I purchased my pegboard at Lowes. They sell it in several different sizes, but none were exactly what I wanted so I had them cut it down for me.

      My pegboard is 42″ x 32″. To figure the size I wanted, I used the width of the dresser and then just eyeballed how tall I wanted it to be to get the height.

      Good luck building your own pegboard! I recommend following a simple tutorial (like this one )to make sure your pegboard is both beautiful and functional!

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  7. How did you hang the framed picture on the pegboard? We are currently stuck on the best way to attach a frame on our pegboard. Thank you!

    • Hi Carrie! The picture isn’t actually hung on the peg board. I actually used a nail and picture holder. I drove the nail through one of the holes in the pegboard and hammered it into the wall behind it.

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