“I need a ride home”

I have two sisters who are quite frankly my favorite. First there’s my little sister – bold, funny, and brave she has an inexhaustible sense of adventure and a killer smile.Then there’s my littlest sister, a genuine tender heart, an old soul, who’s as sweet as she is savvy. The three of us together is something magical – an interesting and intricate balance of wit, inside jokes, criticism, and general weirdness.  Last week we fulfilled a dream long held by each of us. A dream born on sick days and lazy summer mornings. Yes, we were part of the studio audience at a taping of The Price is Right.

We did our research and knew that contestants are not picked at random – in order to “come on down” you have to stand out in a crowd.  Our first step was to create a bold, clever and original t-shirt. We probably spent more time coming up with this then we did planning the spontaneous trip.  Accounts vary on who’s genius brain actually arrived at the solution, but when it came out of her mouth we all knew it was gold. Behold.


With each of us sporting one of these beauties there was no way any CBS producer would pass up putting our mugs on TV.

The day of the show we arrived at the studio at 8:30 and were ushered into waiting area one. We filled out paper work, got our iconic name tags and chatted with the pages (who really did look exactly like Kenneth Parcell that one time he worked at  CBS).  After 2 hours we were moved to the second waiting area where we…waited. and were constantly reminded by staff that anyone, anywhere could be a Price Is Right producer so you better behave if you want to win a car. This is probably just their way of bribing tired, cranky strangers to get along.

As hoped, our T-shirts got us a lot of attention  – several people commented on how clever they were and they made for great conversation starters.  Around hour 4 when we were finally interviewed by THEE all powerful producer our shirts did spark some silly banter between us and I thought for sure he would remember our cute little faces come “come on down” time.

After 5 hours of waiting we were finally let into the studio and yes, it was fabulous, tacky, magic. We were beyond excited when we were led to our seats in THE VERY FRONT ROW. The show started and the room erupted into chaos. The cheering and screaming and clapping was so out of control I couldn’t even tell what was happening. It was thrilling and exhausting. As we watched the reactions of each person called down, called on stage, or told they had a chance to win “A NEW CAR” it became apparent to my sisters and I that being a contestant on this show required a level of crazy we did not ourselves possess.

We didn’t make it to contestants row after all, but the folks at The Price Is Right must have thought we had something to offer viewers at home. Our front row seats put us right in the middle of the action  hugging and high fiving each person as they made their way to the stage to play a pricing game. We got to feel like we were a part of the show and and got an above average amount of camera time, which in my opinion was like the crew giving us an honorable mention. During one of the commercial breaks Drew Carrey himself struck up a conversation with us –  “So you need a ride home?”

Better luck next year right? And to all of my elderly and unemployed friends, the show will air mid October – look for us on TV!!!




Confetti Wedding Invitation

Kristin and Nathan’s wedding invitations were a blast to create. This fun couple chose a palette of beautiful jewel tones for their wedding colors and wished to incorporate all of them into the invitation design. Lots of bright colors –  An intimidating prospect for this neutral-loving minimalist, but a worthy challenge.


To create a joyful and fun feel I chose a confetti theme. To elevate the design from the birthday party realm I wrapped the invites with a band of vellum and pink baker’s twine.


The suite included an invitation, a ceremony insert card and a second insert with registry information and a map on the reverse.  I also created a custom wrap-around label to match.


I printed on a bright white, heavy card stock. The paper is matte, but the ink is nice and glossy giving the invitation a clean and polished look.


Those confetti dots may look simple, but they were the most difficult part of the design.  Designing something to look random and unintentional is a lot harder than you would think. It was a painstaking process, but it was important that the circles didn’t look too perfect and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

Best wishes to Kristin and Nathan!

The Quirks of Being a Pug Owner: Part 1

pug sitting on top of couch cushionsI believe pugs are born with a genetic disposition to perch themselves on the top of the couch cushions.  My first couch was a hand-me-down from my husband’s parents who’s pug Jojo spent so much time lounging in this position the cushions became deformed beyond recognition. I thought my new couch would be spared the same fate until one day, totally out of the blue, the seat of the couch was no longer enough for dear Ruby. No matter how hard I try to break her of this new habit she can’t be kept down.  Am I the only one dealing with this strange quirk?

Brittany + Anthony

My brand new sister in law Brittany is one of the most joyful people you will ever meet. She is beautiful, bright and always bubbling with enthusiasm for something. She’s an artist with a bold and whimsical sense of style. Her creativity, distinctive taste and fun-loving spirit made for an absolutely dreamy wedding this past June.  I’m so happy I was able to lend a hand with the invitations.



The ever so talented Brittany came up with the concept herself.  The watercolor background was her (genius) idea. The hand drawn illustration was created by the bride


Brittany wanted to incorporate polka dots – a prominent motif at the wedding – into the invitation design. I came up with the idea of including a sheet of translucent vellum with hot pink polka dots to separate and protect the invitation from the photo. We also included polka dots on the custom mailing label.


I wish so much you could reach out and touch this paper –  luxurious, uncoated, heavy weight card stock. The texture was perfect for the watercolor effect.


The invitation suite included a 5 x 7 invitation, vellum sheet, photo, two insert cards and a wraparound mailing label.  To me these invitations perfectly represent this fun, happy couple and the great party that was their wedding day.


Plus – as a bridesmaid I got to wear a hot pink dress – and all of my dreams as a child in the 90’s came true.