Vintage Style Baby Shower Invitations

Last year I was asked by  my friend Linda to design an invitation for a baby shower. The party honored our beautiful friend Chelsea who rocked pregnancy so hard you’d think she was faking it.  I was excited to hear that  the party’s theme was hot air balloons and pink ombre.  So original and cool.  I’m really over the typical baby shower cliches of cutesy baby animals, diaper pins, binkies and those horrible plastic babies

creepy plastic babies party favorsThis really needs to stop.

Linda made this one really easy for me – she already had a really strong idea of what she wanted. She has amazing taste and it was great working with her. I love how the invitations turned out.

vintage style baby shower invitation with hot air balloon

A few weeks after finishing these I was hired to create another baby shower invitation – this time for a boy. My client loved the style of Chelsea’s hot air balloon invite so I came up with a design with the same look and feel.  Instead of a hot air balloon I used an adorable vintage airplane illustration. I added the air mail border and post-mark style emblem for the RSVP to tie the theme together.

vintage style baby shower invite for a boy with airplane

UPDATE! These invitations are now available in my Etsy shop! Visit to order your very own invitations.


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