Danica & Nathan Forever

Even though I promised I would make Danica’s wedding invitations years before a lucky man named Nathan came her way, I was honored and excited when she asked me to create the invitations for her most special day.


Danica chose Navy and light pink for her colors. She wanted something elegant and simple – befitting of the classy reception she had planned. Because lace would be an element used throughout the wedding reception I chose a delicate but modern graphic of lace. Danica picked Navy as one of her color’s because her husband is an Army ROTC graduate and would be wearing his dress blues to the wedding.  I love the way the deep  navy balances out the lace and keeps it from becoming too silly and girly.  How appropriate that the postage bares an American flag and George Washington.


The Invites arrived in a beautiful navy blue envelope with a fancy, custom designed address label. Wrapped around the invite was a semi-transparent band of vellum. Everything was held in place by a beautiful navy organza ribbon.  The invitations were printed on a thick, natural white card stock.



navy blue lace wedding invitation

Thank you Danica! Your wedding was beautiful as you are. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.



One thought on “Danica & Nathan Forever

  1. SO beautiful! I love blue, so I really enjoy the navy envelopes and design. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’m still completely in awe of the dual-purpose address labels too! You are SO good at all of this. 🙂

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