Ruby Tuesday


Well hello there.

This is Ruby. Ruby Soho. Mike and I brought her home a week ago and she is stealing our hearts. I will admit it took time for me to warm up to the idea of a pug. Their flat faces and “crazy eyes” are features that admittedly aren’t those of the classically handsome, but there is something so endearing about that little face. If you’ve never known a pug you might not understand the appeal, and I understand.

Pugs are full of personality – like hilarious-human-trapped-inside-a-dog-body personality. Ruby is no exception but so I don’t completely overwhelm/annoy my followers on various social media outlets with pictures and stories about my dog I’ve decided to dedicate one post a week on my blog to all things Ruby. Naturally I picked Tuesday.

I mentioned “crazy eyes.” Little Ruby’s eyes are especially crazy – she always sleeps with one of them open. It’s rather unsettling so Mike and I will place our hand over it and try to close it for her (the same way they do on dead bodies in the movies) but within seconds it rolls open again. Very creepy.

Tomorrow Ruby and I are taking a road trip to Utah – I’ll let you know how that turns out.




One thought on “Ruby Tuesday

  1. You say pugs are likable, eh? Well I’ll put a tally mark on the (very lacking) “PROS” side of my Dog list.

    Sleeping with one eye open… um. Well. You know which side of the list THAT’S going on. 😉

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