Something New

2012 looked like this. It started in Hawaii, then took me home to Utah in April, but only for a little while. June 2012 took me to a new home in Irvine California where my husband Mike, began his new job. As a salesman he did a lot of traveling, and me, as a work from home wife, did a lot of traveling with him. But 2012 wasn’t done with me yet and in December I added one more new place to call home to the list – Henderson Nevada.
2012 was definitely my most nomadic year yet. Four different residences in four different states. Strangely (maybe) I’ve really enjoyed it – meeting new people, exploring new cities and collecting more places to feel a part of has been the best adventure.
2013 will be nothing like 2012. My new home in Henderson is a more permanent situation. Mike and I bought our first house here and we look forward to having the chance to really unpack our bags and make ourselves at home.
So here’s to something new.

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