On the Way

Mike had work in Reno this week. He said it would be a long drive so I offered to go with him to entertain him and split up driving duty.

You wouldn’t believe how long it takes to get to Reno from here. However long you are imagining the drive might be, go ahead and add a few more hours to that. Nevada is a tall state and we basically drove the length of it in a day.

As long as the drive was (eight hours) and as monotonous as the scenery was (sage brush and brothels) I loved this little trip. I loved it because it reminded me I love the west. I love living in a place where there is room to run around, or room to run in a straight line for a really long time. I love living in a place with spaces yet to be defined and stories still to be written.

I love the idea of taking something and making it your own.

The prospect of taming/claiming what’s wild.







Something New

2012 looked like this. It started in Hawaii, then took me home to Utah in April, but only for a little while. June 2012 took me to a new home in Irvine California where my husband Mike, began his new job. As a salesman he did a lot of traveling, and me, as a work from home wife, did a lot of traveling with him. But 2012 wasn’t done with me yet and in December I added one more new place to call home to the list – Henderson Nevada.
2012 was definitely my most nomadic year yet. Four different residences in four different states. Strangely (maybe) I’ve really enjoyed it – meeting new people, exploring new cities and collecting more places to feel a part of has been the best adventure.
2013 will be nothing like 2012. My new home in Henderson is a more permanent situation. Mike and I bought our first house here and we look forward to having the chance to really unpack our bags and make ourselves at home.
So here’s to something new.